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Choosing the right type of shower for your bathroom can be confusing. The essential rules to remember are:

1.  Decide whether you want an exposed or concealed valve. * An exposed shower valve can be fitted with minimum of disruption to an already tiled bathroom, and can be quite simple to fit, providing access can be gained to space above the shower - e.g. the loft area. The neatly designed control panel is fitted to the front of the wall.   * A concealed shower valve has its pipes embedded into the wall and only the control and shower head are visible. This type of valve is ideal in smaller spaces.

2.  If you have a gravity-fed system (water tank in the loft) and you need to increase the pressure to your shower, consider installing a pump. Seek advice on the best type of pump for your system.

3.  You cannot fit a pump to a combi boiler or unvented, pressurised system (mains fed).
4.  Always use a qualified plumber to install your shower valve.

Mixer Showers mix the existing hot and cold water in a mixing valve before it travels through to the shower head. They are suitable for both low and high pressure (please check that the valve you intend to buy is suited to the system you have installed in your home).

Thermostatic Mixer Showers
A thermostatic mixer shower is the safest solution for your home as it incorporates a thermostat which will automatically compensate if there is a change in water temperature, thus adjusting it automatically. They usually have a 'stop' device which prevents the user from unknowingly adjusting the temperature to a setting which is too high. This has a manual override which allows for different preferences.
Please remember when purchasing a mixer shower that it will not increase the water pressure to your shower. The pressure will be the same as it is to other water outlets in your home, and may drop if several outlets are being operated at the same time, as this will affect the flow rate.

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