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Choosing a Toilet

When choosing a toilet for your bathroom, first work out exactly how much space is available for the w.c. to fit into, remembering to calculate distance from the wall and from any other pottery or furniture which may be located on the other side.

Secondly you should choose the style of w.c. by giving consideration to the aesthetics and how the model you are choosing will fit into the overall style of your bathroom.

Thirdly comes the practical element. If you have difficulty cleaning or accessing the floor area for any reason, a w.c. that is fully back-to-wall, or that is wall-hung may be more suited to your needs. Both of these options will require a concealed w.c. cistern.

Wall-hung w.c.s are a cause for concern for some customers who are unsure if they sufficiently weight-bearing. This will not present a problem if the toilet is fixed to a solid external wall. Otherwise, if an embedded frame system is to be used, the strength of the w.c. will be dependent upon the strength of the stud wall it is fitted behind. Frame systems themselves are generally tested to a weight of approximately 40 tons.

Close coupled toilet cisterns are bolted to a floor standing w.c. pan, which may be back to wall, or fully back to wall, the latter enabling the customer to conceal pipes and eliminate dust-trap areas. Together the pan and cistern form an integrated unit.

A concealed toilet cistern is simply a low level cistern hidden from view behind panelling which is often tiled over, with a flush plate fitted to the front of the panel or tile. When choosing this option, remember to incorporate a service area in the event of access being required to the cistern.

Wall mounted toilet pans are connected to a concealed cistern, and as they do not touch the floor they give a clean contemporary look to a modern bathroom. Unless it is built into a solid external wall, the pan will need to be supported by an embedded metal bracket or frame system.


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