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Bathrooms are no longer a place to just wash and brush up. They have become, over the last 20 years, a place of relaxation and pampering. As a result, storage space for all of those body pampering essentials is a necessity for keeping your bathroom tidy, and for providing a pleasant environment in which to spend some quality time, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Choose bathroom furniture that has both a pleasing design and is practical and functional. If you have a few people using the same bathroom, you will need plenty of storage, and furniture that is able to withstand the rigors of daily life.

Bathroom furniture can turn your bathroom from a functional space to a pleasant place, so choose with care.

There are many considerations to be made when selecting furniture for your bathroom. The obvious starting point is to decide what your storage requirements will be. Bathrooms tend to get very untidy, very quickly, especially if there are children or young adults in the house, because they are areas where shampoo bottles, deodorants, skin and facial products and a myriad of other hair and body care jars and assorted bottles are kept.

Add to all of the above the requirement for storing towels, toothbrushes, flannels and cleaning products and you suddenly have a room which, in spite of all of your best efforts and promises to clear out, throw out and generally sort out, becomes a breeding ground once again for 'stuff' that no-one else wants in their personal space.

The solution to all of this is, of course, a good range of bathroom furniture that will provide sufficient storage for all of your needs, as well as enhancing the bathroom space by being pleasing to the eye, clean and functional.

A good starting place for calculating your bathroom requirements is http://www.roperrhodes.co.uk/ who give comprehensive advice on how to select furniture, together with a huge range of beautiful pieces in varying sizes to suit every bathroom requirement.

See our range of Roper Rhodes sanitaryware and furniture, or call us on 01642 365669 to speak to a helpful and friendly member of our small team for one to one advice on products available that may not be listed on our website.

The internet is the ideal tool for shopping for bathroom furniture, as you can browse to your heart's content whilst avoiding the much-dreaded pressure from the over-enthusiastic sales person. However, what you cannot get from buying online is the one-to-one personalised service that can be invaluable, or the opportunity to get a feel for the quality of the furniture you are purchasing.

Here at Modern Homes Bathrooms we are sure that we provide the nearest thing to a personalised, no-pressure sales service (please see our testimonials if you don't believe us!). We are currently expanding our ranges of bathroom furniture with you, the customer, in mind to give maximum choice combined with quality and affordability.  We have not, however, forgetten the most essential ingredient of good, clean, minimalistic styling that will blend into any bathroom environment and provide that all-important practical storage solution.

Firstly, please make sure that you have measured carefully and allowed for any items of sanitaryware that are going to be occupying floor or wall space, also bearing in mind the space required either side for elbows, leverage and avoidance of sharp corners or hot pipes. Remember that mirrors operated by no-touch infra-red technology require a minimum of 150mm between the operating switch and an adjacent surface (please see the recommendation on our mirror product pages).

The next decision to be made is the style and colour of furniture required. Most people prefer to go with the simple, clean gloss white finish with minimum styling and sleek, modern handles. It may be that you decide that you prefer the warmth of wood finishes or an ultra modern black or anthracite high gloss finish. Whichever you choose, ensure from the measurements and style of cupboards and drawers that the bathroom furniture selected provides sufficient storage space for your needs.

Vanity units that include a semi-inset fitted basin are ever-popular, as they combine two elements in one. However, if purchasing this type of unit, do remember that the basin itself, and the pipework underneath, whilst conveniently hiding all the unsightly stuff away, also take up valuable cupboard space.

Tall wall-hung or floor standing storage units are invaluable for storage as they tend to be narrower in width with the extra storage space being provided by the height, which is generally not an issue in most bathrooms.

Why not kickstart your dream bathroom or bathroom makeover by taking a peek at our range of Tavistock, Durab and Dovcor furniture to view the fantastic range of styles, sizes and finishes to help with the design.

Tavistock bathroom furniture is about creating a warm, welcoming space with beautifully crafted furniture. It's not just about clearing away the clutter - the right furniture can define your bathroom.

Whether it's the gleam of high glass white, or the glamour of black, a  rich walnut finish or classic beech, you'll find the style that's right for you in the Tavistock furniture range.

Tavistock bathroom furniture brings you contemporary designs with special touches such as soft close doors and drawers and intelligent lighting.

Dovcor challenged Dove to produce furniture to complement its latest ranges with an emphasis on function and design. Dove furniture specialises in high quality, visual impact furniture that doesn't break the bank.

Dove use only high gloss lacquer as standard and superior components such as soft close drawers to create the highest quality bathroom furniture possible. Even water resistant materials that are more commonly seen in kitchens have been used to bring value to customers over years of use.


Durab furniture is an economically priced, stylish range of bathroom furniture that represents excellent value for money for the modern bathroom.

By limiting the range, while providing colour options that allow freedom of choice, Durab are offering the consumer a good range of practical furniture featuring contemporary designs combined with practicality and spacious storage.


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