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In order to establish the type of bathroom tap you require, you will first need to know what sort of boiler you have (or are going to install) in your home.

There are essentially three boiler types:

A Combi Boiler - provides heating/hot water directly from the boiler, combined in one unit, heating cold water instantaneously as it is required.  (It has no separate water storage tank) It is not suitable for the fitting of an ancillary pump. This is a high pressure system for which any pressure bathroom tap is suitable.

A Regular or Conventional Boiler - heats your central heating pipes directly and produces hot water for the cylinder (normally has a head tank in the loft for water storage and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard) This is a low pressure system that requires a maximum of 0.2 bar from your bathroom tap.

A System Boiler (also known as an Unvented System) gives direct heating to the central heating system and produces hot water for the cylinder. Water is stored under pressure. (Differs from a regular boiler because it does not require a feed or expansion cistern in the attic) It is known for its high pressure output for which any pressure bathroom tap is suitable.

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