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When choosing a mirror, first decide whether you require it to provide extra lights or whether it is purely functional as a reflector. It may be that you are wanting to increase the amount of storage space in the room, in which case you will require a mirrored cabinet. Remember to make sure that the space you have available is suitable for the size of mirror you have ordered, and that the wall which is to hold the mirror is sufficiently strong for the possible weight that it may have to bear, particularly if you are requiring the extra storage space of a bathroom cabinet.

Much time is spent in the bathroom either in the morning before work, when it becomes a room of enormous importance to perform our daily hygiene routine, or after work when it represents a sanctuary and a chance to escape from the cares of the world.
When choosing a mirror or cabinet, keep in mind what its main purpose will be. If, for example, storage is the prime requirement, a mirrored bathroom cabinet would be a good choice, or a mirror that has an in-built shelf behind it. If shaving will be the main priority usage, then a mirror with de-mister pad and shaver socket would be advisable. If simple teeth brushing and hair combing will constitute the main use of the bathroom mirror, then a simple, possible back-lit or led design would suffice.

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